Designation: Chief of Neurosurgery at Sant'Elia in Caltanissetta (Italy)

Born in 1964, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery from theUniversity of Catania in 1988. After specializing in Neurosurgery, also at the Etna University, he began his professional career as a neurosurgeon in the Circolo e Fondazione Macchi Hospital in Varese, where he remained until 2010, when he returned to Sicily to embark on a new path within neurosurgery at the Policlinico “Paolo Giaccone” in Palermo.

Throughout his career, Dr. Basile has developed cross-cutting and highly specialized skills in multiple neurosurgical branches: from craniocephalic surgery to cervical spine and spinal cord surgery to dorso-lumbosacral spine, spasticity, and chronic pain surgery. A topic, that of pain, to which he is also committed as a lecturer in the master’s degree program in pain therapy at the University of Palermo, a university where he also teaches as an adjunct professor in the school of specialization in Neurosurgery.